Feasting with FireCloud and the Cooking Canon

After years of wanting to, we finally did it.  We convinced the fabulous bakers and chefs among us to share some of their recipes.

Feasting with FireCloud and the Cooking Canon is a collaboration of the cooking talents of Canon Tartaglia and the bakers and makers who have supported so many FireCloud events with their culinary skills.


Launched in December 2020, the 25 recipes cater from sweet tooth delights to the Canon’s wonderful Italian dishes.  It’s the treats that kept them (and their delighted friends and family) going during lockdown. More than anything though, this cookbook is about the people; their stories, their music, their love of cooking and baking – without each other and a pinch of creativity, where would we have been this year?!



How to buy online


Prefer to collect in person?

You can purchase the cookbook directly from St Margaret’s and Our Holy Redeemer Parishes in Clydebank. 


The cookbook is £5 to buy, a little more if you require postage and packaging on delivery.

All funds raised will be shared between FireCloud and the parishes so we can both keep supporting people in our local community.

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