Priest, Prophet and King

A retreat for children celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation

FireCloud is delighted to offer a new Confirmation retreat for primary schools called ‘Priest, Prophet and King’.

This retreat uses story, scripture and song to develop the children’s understanding of the ‘three special jobs’ they are equipped for through their Sacramental anointing at Confirmation.  The retreat is designed to encourage children to be enthusiastic about these roles and excited about their mission in the world.

This retreat was created to complement and enhance the Archdiocese of Glasgow’s Confirmation preparation programme for primary 7 pupils.  We hope it will support you, and your whole class, as your pupils prepare for the wonderful Sacrament of Confirmation.


This was a fantastic day, it really helped the children understand priest, prophet and king and what this means for them. (Teacher)

The staff were greatly inspired by the way you explored the theme as this area has always been challenging to teach. (Head Teacher)

Today has been excellent and I would like to thank you all for your time and effort. The class have really enjoyed the sessions; it feels now that we have properly started our journey to prepare for our Sacrament of Confirmation. (Teacher)


  • The activities in this retreat are suitable for all children in the class including those who may not be candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • We have found the maximum group size for effective learning in the big group is around 60 pupils.
  • The retreat is a full day experience from 9.30am-2.30pm; this includes five sessions with a morning break and time for lunch.
  • On the day, children rotate around three different learning sessions to explore the roles of priest, prophet and king. Ideally, there will be three distinct spaces for the retreat, one of which should be big enough for the whole group to move around. With permission of the parish priest, one of the spaces could be within the church as the children explore the priestly role.


The retreat cost is £400, which is fully inclusive of:

  • FireCloud retreat team of three staff for the full day (including specialised musical input)
  • Support for school and parish preparation ahead of the retreat
  • Provision of all retreat resources
  • Printing and provision of the retreat activity booklet for each child
  • Travel costs

Availability is limited. To find out more or enquire about booking dates for your school email

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