Dear Lockdown...



Let’s imagine Lockdown, and all that has gone with the global pandemic of COVID19, is a person. If you were to write a letter to Lockdown, what would you say? How have you been doing? What’s been on your mind? Are there questions you would ask? What stories would you tell? Maybe you would write a long love letter, maybe a curt email, maybe doodles on a postcard…or something else? 


At FireCloud, we asked for your ‘Dear Lockdown’ letters. Scotland has started ‘getting back to (something) normal’ but we feel there’s so much to learn. We wanted to gather lots of these notes to hear the different challenges and joys that have been part of your Lockdown story. We want to listen to the heart of what people have been through over the last two years so we can really be there for each other as we come back together.  


You sent us your stories and now we have gathered these experiences into something creative which you can listen to here:

Thank you for letting us listen.


Love FireCloud x

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