We use every imaginative means to live with faith, purpose and joy.

We inspire those we encounter to believe their lives matter and we invite them to use their God-given talents to build a more courageous and loving world.

Our Charitable Purposes

Celebrating Faith

We advance religion in accordance with Catholic beliefs and values through the provision of faith formation and learning; we provide opportunities for prayer, devotion and creative experiences that share and celebrate Christianity.

Inspiring Giftedness and Vocation

We advance education through the provision of learning opportunities that grow self-esteem, develop giftedness and inspire vocational confidence. In particular, but not exclusively, we build community participation and development through creative and performing arts.

Our Motivation

All our endeavours at FireCloud seek to convey a constant message: God is good, people are good and together we can do good for others.

What we hope to achieve

At FireCloud we believe people are born wondrous and created by God to live lives of beauty, truth and goodness. Despite this, we often see people worn down by life.  One of the most critical needs we see around us is a loss of vocational purpose and confidence. Several of the areas in which we work are areas of profound multiple deprivation with a history of substance abuse, alcoholism and sometimes violence. Many of those we work with are affected by unemployment, redundancy, poverty or isolation. We seek to encourage people to discover or remember the reality of their own vocational purpose. To address this crisis of purpose and hope, FireCloud has begun to build a community of people who work together to help each other in the following four ways:

  • Grow in faith
  • Be empowered in their sense of giftedness and vocation
  • Believe their life matters
  • Be encouraged and equipped to transform the world for good

Our Beneficiaries

  • All who hope and search for a deeper sense of purpose and giftedness in life
  • All who desire goodness in our community
  • All who seek companionship and growth in their journey of faith