FireCloud Friday


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In January 2014 we imagined a new event that would build community through faith and hope.  Now, four years on ‘FireCloud Friday at the Hope Kitchen’ is going strong.

FireCloud Fridays are held in our lovingly created pop-up coffee shop ‘Hope Kitchen’ and each evening incorporates food, faith, music and fun – with a generous helping of good old-fashioned hospitality.

Here’s how FireCloud Friday works:

6.30pm:  Soul Food  A relaxed beginning to the evening, this is your chance to eat with friends or make some new ones. If you’ve brought a dish then simply settle in at your table and dig in. If not, ask our friendly servers about the sweet treats we have on offer tonight. We can help you with plates and all that jazz.

7.30pm:  Deep and Meaningful  Things get a little deeper with a real life faith from our bighearted locals who explore some of the highs, the lows, the questions and inspirations of faith and life. This is the thoughtful bit of the evening and there will be a chance for questions too!

9.00pm:  Music and Charm  The evening segues into a relaxed, coffeehouse environment with live music from local performers. A great time to chat, mingle and soak up the ambience. We’re serving hot drinks and sweet treats – just ask our servers. Alternatively, if you’ve brought a bottle, we’ll get the glasses.

10.15pm:  Last Orders  You know what this means…last chance to ask for a cuppa!

10.30pm:  Home time  It’s almost bedtime so we’ll send you off with a last little surprise.  Fear not however, we’ll be back soon – ask our servers about our next event.

When?  Autumn 2018

Where?  Our Holy Redeemer Church Hall, Glasgow Road, Clydebank, G81 1PH.

Costs?  Admission is free (of course, you can make a donation if you’d like).

How to book?  email us right now on and we’ll keep you a seat.

Other good stuff:  People of all ages are always welcome at Fire.Cloud Friday, bring your friends!  Also, BYOB and nibbles – we’ll bring the tea, coffee and cakes.

Got questions? Email us at and ask us anything.